Forklift Operator Training In Safety
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 This course equips participants with targeted training on safe operations with forklifts. It covers safe traveling and loading, will teach you to recognize the risks forklifts pose to pedestrians and the proper safety measures to follow. Containing four modules, the course is approximately 40-minutes of seat time.  

Each module consists of a video and a learning check. You must watch the video in its entirety and respond to the learning check before moving to the next module.   

This course is available on-demand 24/7, is completely self-paced, and is available in English and Spanish. Individuals have 90 days from the time of purchase to complete the course.  

 These courses are a fast and cost-effective way to complete the bulk of your OSHA training program. However, OSHA also requires hands-on instruction and in-person evaluation of operator performance in the workplace, and this cannot be performed online. 

Who Should Take This Course?  

This course will benefit those working in areas where both pedestrians and forklifts are present. 

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